Look clean and neat.
Come alone
Come early
Wear cleaned pressed, business clothes
Practice answering questions at home that you think you will be asked.
Bring a list of questions to ask the employer about the job.
Bring a pen, resume, social security card, and a completed sample job application.
Look straight at the employerís face when you speak.
Tell how your skills will help you do the job well
Explain your ideas and opinions.


Donít come looking dirty and messy
Donít bring a friend
Donít come late
Donít wear dirty or wrinkled clothes
Donít talk to much at the interview
Donít ask too many questions about lunch, breaks and vacations
Donít chew gum, smoke or show nervous habits
Donít look down when you speak
Donít talk about personal problems
Donít talk badly about your past employers.
Doís and Donít For Job Interview
Interview Resources
How to keep a JOB
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