Students Dropout Prevention Programs
‘let your EFFORTS rise above your excuses’

Here are some ways that parents, working with school administrators, counselors, and teachers, can help their children remain in high school:

1- Allow kids to watch or listen to age-appropriate TV, CD, DVD or radio only (so they will not get bored at school early in life)

2- Students get invoved in Individual tutoring or mentoring programs (group). Arrange for help with making up missed work, tutoring, placement in a special program, and/or a transfer to another school.

3- Stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol in front of them and calling them curse words or derogatory words when you are angry

4- Play board games or read/watch a biography with them at home

5- Participating in school or community after-school programs. Help them to find hobbies they enjoy doing alone and with others.

6- Parental interaction with school and homework follow up

7- Government and Business partnership that keep parents employed to provide financial support, to prevent worry about economics that impedes the educational process
8- Help them with personal problems, and/or arrange for professional help.

9- Help them schedule work and family obligations so that there is also time to attend school.

10- Help them understand that the choices they make--like marrying, becoming parents, falling courses, or behaving badly enough to get suspended--can seriously disrupt their ability to finish school.

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